DDHR Grating Spectrometer


The DDHR (double-diffraction high-resolution) grating spectrometer gives the unique opportunities in terms of high etendue, fine spectral resolution and extremely high sensitivity to solve spectral-analytical problems even in the most challenging conditions.

  • Very high spectral resolution λ/Δλ up to 105

  • High etendue: F/7, slit height 10mm

  • Matrix detector EMCCD camera Andor Ixon Ultra DU-897 (sensitivity - dozen photons)

  • Large spectral range coverage λ/d from 0.65 to 1.4

  • Excellent stray light rejection

  • Compact design

  • High image quality


The spectrometer can be equipped with EMCCD camera Andor Ixon Ultra DU-897 where the amplification occurs when a charge in output register is clocked and has sufficient energy to create another electron-hole pair, - an analogue of avalanche amplification regulated up to single photon sensitivity.

Key advantages

  • The large dispersion and high throughput grating spectrometer operates in the first order of diffraction.

  • The angular dispersion invariant to wavelength tuning is the advantage offered by the mount.

  • In a condition of enhanced angular dispersion specific to the large diffraction angles, the spectral resolving power is no more limited by aberration image blur that results in use of a short focal length imaging optics permitting simplicity and compactness of the design.

  • The spectrometer flux luminosity is compared with Fabry–Perot interferometer of the same resolving power!

  • The use of the first diffraction order permits to combine the large angular dispersion and a broad free spectral range under the neighboring orders negligible overlap.

Main characteristics

Comparison with Jobin Yvon polychromators